Woodard Brothers during Covid

July 23, 2020

What have we been up to during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

We began with a 3 month period where our people were off facility. We took this time to really strengthen our base that makes Woodard Bros what it is and support them in a positive manner. Our most important goals are to provide our clients with stellar service and create a blended workforce that employs individuals with and without disabilities and it has become a culture and a passion for us. 

Something we did during quarantine was move our facility to a bigger, nicer building. This building will create more opportunities for Woodard Bros but also more opportunities for our community to come together and give patrons the friendliest and nicest service available in the warehousing area. During quarantine we also hired a new president and most importantly took the time to be as healthy and safe as possible. 

To accomplish being as safe and healthy as possible we started to have weekly zoom calls to check in with one another and keep our community close during a time that human interaction was hard to have. One of the most important building blocks for us is community so we really strived to keep that intact. During these Zoom calls, we would engage with one another with challenges and curriculum as well as just talking as if we were together still.

Going forward we are taking every precaution possible to be safe if we are in the facility together. We are implementing normal cleaning protocols advised by the CDC and local government and most importantly, being smart. We are strengthening parts of facilities to reopen and cleaning up after every use on machines. We are wearing masks and gloves in assembly lines to protect one another and eliminate possibilities of spreading germs and taking precautions with boxes before they are shipped out. 

While things may be different right now and we are all getting accustomed to a new normal, we will get through this together. We must be vigilant and smart and do everything we can to be safe as well as keep our families and friends safe. We will continue to do as we are told by the local government and eventually get back to how we were, together. If you have warehousing, kitting, shipping or labeling needs, please reach out to us