Employing individuals with and without disabilities together, a novel idea.

Employing individuals with special needs to create a blended workforce.

What began with one contract to employ people with and without disabilities has grown into a passion and a culture for us here at Woodard Brothers Distributing. Working together to leave things better than we find them, Woodard Brothers works hard to employ those willing to work hard to provide our customers with the finest and friendliest service in the distribution warehousing industry.

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Making a Difference Together

Woodard Brothers seeks to become a model for businesses looking to create employment opportunities for individuals blessed with special needs.

A social entrepreneur at heart with a head for marketing, Tom Woodard, managing partner of Woodard Brothers Distributing. LLC quickly realized that their small kitting and fulfillment business could become much, much more.

“The need for gainful employment within the special needs community is huge. Adults with disabilities deserve the same meaningful, rewarding, real, and educational opportunities in the workforce that so many of us are privileged to enjoy,” said Tom. “Not only that, but their families need it too. They need someone in their corner because people over the age of 18 with special needs are being left to fend for themselves. One of my greatest joys is when we get new work and I can hire more people. We are a people company.”

We work with some amazing people

We are very thankful to everyone that supports our vision.